“Mangez-Moi” is passion.

“Mangez-Moi” is connection

“Mangez-Moi” is food.

When Chef Marc Felix experiences food his mind whirls with thoughts of the history, geography, and people that came together to create the flavors crossing his lips. He is intrigued by the chemistry and conscious of the warmth or coolness finding its way through his body. He pauses to breathe it all in, inspired to connect more deeply. The chef has traveled the world cooking for everyone from friends and family to royalty and celebrities. His process of creating epicurean delights can only be described as art, as it his expression of the experiences and connections he has made.

“Mangez-moi” is the next chapter for Marc as he explores passion, encourages connection around the world, and uses food as his artistic medium. There will be many ways to experience “Mangez-moi” for yourself. This is where the chef will expose the deepest parts of his heart and soul.

“Mangez-moi” is proud to introduce chef Marc’s new line of spice blends, creating those perfect moments when food becomes a full body experience of pleasure. The first five limited edition batches explore five regions of the world. Whether roasting, pan frying, or crushing; each ingredient is treated with its own unique technique by the chef. This dedication is the secret to the distinctive fragrance and flavor. Your second brain will thank you.

Experience, taste, enjoy Chef Marc’s first batch
of limited edition spice blends.