The Edible straw was created by Chef Marc Felix in 2002 in NYC!

“Maestro” is “The-Last-Straw” with a mission!

Together we make a difference!

“Melange” is a unique line of extraordinary “Infusion”!

All the blends are composed with some of the World’s best tea leaves, wild flowers, tubers, roots and spices to create a “Symphony” of flavors and aromas!

A reflection of Marc’s “Voyage” and the people he came across,¬†fascinating farmers, fearless foragers, Medicine man, Gurus, Perfumers, Gypsies and lovers of all!

This ‘Melanges” are a true tribute to Mother Earth!


“Mangez-moi”, the essential finishing spice!

When asked what makes his dishes different and unique?

The last touch of course!, was his answer.

“Mangez-moi” was born in 2012 !

“The essential finishing spices” once could only be found in Marc’s pocket!

Now, it is yours to enjoy anywhere!